Spy vs Spy 1.0.1

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This game exploits the genre of logical tactics, where black and white spies fight each other. These two heroes received identical tasks to destroy each other. Now you need to choose whom you will play, and fight to defeat the enemy. Spy vs Spy for Android devices is interesting in that the graphics have an American story in the style of the nineties, where the retro arcade became very popular. You will need to fight with spy tricks and tricks. The game is also fascinating because it looks like an indie project for consoles with an awesome style inspired by the 1960s. It can also boast the addictive gameplay uniquely combined with soundtracks. This game will attract the attention of any person and bring as much pleasure as possible, and a lot of adrenaline from a terrific game. Also, controls are not very difficult, but in the beginning, you will have to shake your brains a little, it will not leave you without pleasant emotions.