Star Tactics Redux: Clash of Fleets 6.3

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Download Star Tactics Redux: Clash of Fleets for free

Get ready for an incredible combat tactical experience that will make you absolutely thrilled. This critically acclaimed game is your way into incredible action and lots of interesting features. You play as a veteran officer who always knows exactly what he is doing and you will have to take command your fleet in order to achieve victory. This tactical combat simulator will put your abilities to good use.

Star Tactics Redux: Clash of Fleets

The 3D graphics will impress with the level of detail and the music is composed by people behind X3 and X-Rebirth. You can choose from different types of ships, each comes with a unique set of weapons and special abilities. Choose the mode of infinite battle and increase the rank of your commander. The style of the game looks quite exotic at first, but it is crafted to offer a holographic effect.

Star Tactics Redux: Clash of Fleets

A lot of things will be flying on your screen and you will have to navigate through all this mess by clearing your path with the help of torpedo strikes, a force field, and missiles. Use the surrounding in order to gain the upper hand. Hide behind objects to set a trap and navigate through asteroids and mine fields. Fight against an advanced AI in Star Tactics Redux!