Steampunk Tower 1.5.2

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Steampunk Tower is a game in the style of steampunk. It will allow you to feel yourself in the role of a defender on a high tower. In this game, your evil city is attacked by enemies who do not let you live peacefully. Start building your tower to start shooting enemies on the outskirts. The peculiarity of the game is that your tower can build itself up and the player at the same time there are additional embrasures in which you can install fighters. It is also possible to move one or another automatic turret, which allows you not to spend money on expensive equipment. Just change its location and you can combine the useful properties of all your defensive structures. That’s why this game is very popular with most users. Together with it, you will not be bored ever. In addition, there is a huge scientific tree, which allows you to improve defensive weapons. Many branches of development will help you come up with your own unique tactics and strategy.