Subway Surfers 1.94.0 New Orleans

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Many gamers are probably familiar with popular mobile arcades like Temple Run, Nuts and their multiple clones on Android. If you like such genre, then you should definitely try playing Subway Surfers. After comparison with many popular arcades, you’ll see that Subway Surfers is a truly unique game where you need to do more than an endless chase.

Plot and gameplay of Subway Surfers

You control a typical street hooligan who works as a graffiti artist. Your main task is to paint railway cars, caught at the crime scene by guards and his bulldog. Run, Forrest, Run! And you have no choice but to run and dodge various dangers. You must paint graffiti on standing and moving railway cars. When painting on moving trains, you are to avoid the obstacles and jump over the barriers. Or your mission will fail. In this case, do not forget to collect coins ​​and bonuses on your way. These collected valuables will be very useful in the future.

The controls are classic and very simple to learn — swipe by left and right to move, swipe down to jump and swipe down to slip under the obstacles when you paint on a running railway car.

As we have mentioned, in Subway Surfers you need to collect coins. They can be spent on improving the main character. In particular, you may buy boosters.

Boosters of Subway Surfers on Android

  • Skateboard gives you an improved maneuverability. Also, you get an extra life if confronted with an obstacle;
  • Quick Start to fly in 500 meters;
  • Skip Mission — you can take an advantage if you are unable to complete the current mission;
  • Get a Mystery Box with different bonuses generated randomly;
  • Jet engine allows you to fly over the railway racks. In addition, in this mode you’ll collect more coins;
  • A magnet attracts coins from different sides;
  • Jumping sneakers to jump higher and run faster;

For getting more coins you can also buy another hero with a different customization. Naturally, coins can be bought for real money, but it’s quite possible to do without this.

Subway Surfers is a peculiar game with awesome graphics and sound. The graphics are really high — good-looking landscapes and very smooth animation. For example, winter, night, rain are made in a very realistic way. The OST is also very cheerful and fit the gameplay perfectly.

You can free download Subway Surfers 1.94.0 New Orleans apk for android the latest original version available on our mobile portal. Or the full official version on a direct link to Google Play.

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