Subway Surfers USA 1.79.1

download Subway Surfers USA 1.79.1 for free

Superb Subway Surfers in Thailand! This game in the style of endless running received millions of fans. Jackie and his team of young hooligans successfully escape from the mustachioed cop and his stupid dog among the magnificent tropical landscapes. The rules are just as simple. Run and jump, dodging the trains going to meet them, catch coins, earn a bonus and enjoy the excellent effects of Subway Surfers. In these games you will see vivid HD graphics, viral soundtrack, perfect interface and, of course, lot of key and money (in a special mod). This Mod differs from others by an unlimited amount of money and keys. Subway Serfers is charged with a new drive, and this fact allows you to delay in full from the first minutes. The new mod is really perfect, because you can spend as much as you want on the hoverboards and improvements. All levels of the game are immediately available, and you can start from any level. Infinite coins allow the player to prepare for any surprises. Of course, you will receive a new national costume fjr Noon. Run as fast and jump as accurately as possible! Dodge the trains that run towards! Help Jackie and others escape from the stupid Inspector and his Paddie! Pass the levels of Subway Surfers USA 1.79.1 easily with your cool team! For us: Vivid and colorful HD graphics. Powered jetpac and stylish hoverboard Surfing. Lightning fast swipe and accurate acrobatic movements. What’s New in this MOD. All bugs optimizations and fixes. Subway Surfers are in Thailand in this game set. Surf among golden Buddha statues and floating markets in the mysterious Bangkok. Your team get a cool traditional outfit for Noon in this season. Try to upgrade the Turtle board, and see what will be… You can buy Hoverboards and Boosts when you run. Its to always be prepared for the next level. But most importantly, all the Hoverboards and characters are available in the game from beginning. Money and keys in these mod are unlimited amounts! This part of the World Tour is for real fans of Subway Surfers. Join this cheerful and daring pursuit!