Subway Surfers 1.92.0 Berlin

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Subway Surfers invites you join the world-famous pursuit! Help Jake escape from the grumpy inspector! The game is very dynamic and requires constant action. You will have to perform jumps, rolls and moves to the right and left. The main character from Subway Surfers is given a surfboard, a jet pack and many other bonuses. The game is executed in colorful and bright HD graphics and has an excellent musical accompaniment.

Subway Surfers

According to the plot, the character of the player has drawn graffiti on one of the train cars. This action was noticed by the inspector and his dog, after which the chase begins along the railway tracks. The main goal of the game is to accelerate the player, run as far as possible, dodging the oncoming trains and overcoming obstacles. If a player bumps into something, then the inspector catches up with him (no matter how far he managed to escape) and the game ends. But this can be avoided if a surfboard was used during the collision. During the run, you need to collect golden coins and various bonuses, which open up new game possibilities.

Subway Surfers

There are missions, consisting of three tasks. Each accomplished mission increases the score multiplier by one point, making it easier to set new records. When connected to the Internet, a player can perform daily tasks where he collects special words from letters scattered as bonuses on the railways. Coins are being given during the first four days of collecting words, and day by day the prize amount increases. If all tasks were completed, then during the following days gold boxes will be offered. In each new version of the game there is an additional unique character, but unlocking it will require the player to pay 95,000 coins. In new version of the game appears an additional unique Hoverboard and for unlocking it for a limited time you will have to collect and pay 50,000 coins.

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