Survive: The Lost Lands 1.04

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Do you like survival games? You are in for a nice ride with Survive: The Lost Lands. What you have to do is use all your survival skills in order to live happily on this strange and mysterious island, to which got after a terrible shipwreck. You have to use your imagination and create items, gather resources, hunt and fight off wild animals and savages. This is a small world but its rich in many ways and open for new possibilities. Play this new game as if this is your own sandbox. The game features some of the best graphics and you will be impressed with how smooth they look on your screen. You, as the hero, have all the necessary freedom in order to act as you wish for accomplishing your main goal, which is to survive. For this purpose you can build, hunt, craft and research the land for new and exciting possibilities. Have more bases; build a house in the tree or any other place, you have plenty of resources for that. Beware of savages, you will need weapons to fight them, as well as other creatures that inhabit the island. Build your weapons from scratch and use them to your advantage. Explore the land, because you can find many unexpected items that can be used to facilitate your life on the island. Survive: The Lost Lands is waiting for you.

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