Survive: The Lost Lands 1.04

Survive: The Lost Lands for Android is an interesting, visually stunning survival game made by Ukrainian developers. Like many similar projects, it is available in its early access version and eventually will be improved before the final release. But even the beta version of the game looks really awesome and promising. You won’t find many projects of such top-notch quality on Android phones and tablets.


The developers of Survive: The Lost Lands were obviously inspired by the TV show Lost. The main location is an inhabited island, where the hero wakes up after a shipwreck. Other plot details and the lore you’re to explore on your own.

In Survive: The Lost Lands for Android you have plenty different activities to do for surviving. For example, it’s obligatory to hunt, collect various useful resources that are necessary for crafting your house and objects. Developers emphasize that a hut can be built not only on flat land, but also on trees or even water. In addition to animals, there are local residents who are not too friendly, so you need to create weapons to fight them. You just can’t survive with a single bow.

Survive: The Lost Lands for Android looks very impressive. There are various climatic zones, days are replaced with nights, and other pleasant trifles. The game has very good visual effects, almost like indie PC games of the same genre.

Major features:

  • Stunning graphics;
  • Complete freedom of roaming;
  • Various activities. Hunting, building, resource collecting, research — there are so many things to occupy yourself in this game;
  • Upgraded crafting system;
  • You can build huts on trees, on water and in any other place;
  • Find the remains of the wrecked ship from the sea and create new things from them;
  • Create and experiment with weapons to fight wild animals and savages;
  • Never linger in one place, because you have many locations for research;
  • Immerging into this amazing world is very simple;
  • Create an armor that can withstand heavy blows from wild animals and savages;
  • The island is so big that you can find different types of animals and plants in each zone;
  • The game is still under development and all updates are free;

Survive: The Lost Lands for Android is an excellent game for Android-compatible devices. It’s really interesting and provides many hours of breathtaking gameplay.

You can free download Survive: The Lost Lands 1.04 apk for android the latest original version available on our mobile portal. Or the full official version on a direct link to Google Play.

Survive: The Lost Lands 1.04