Swamp Attack 2.2.0

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Probably, if you build a house with an excellent view on a swamp, you should expect unpleasant surprises. But who could have guessed that one day such horrible creatures would emerge from a peaceful swamp? But you are not used to giving up and will defend your cute wooden house to the end. Download Swamp Attack 2.2.0 and start the defense of your house. At the same time you can find out how in the swamps of his native Louisiana suddenly appeared these bloodthirsty monsters. Of course, greedy corporate bosses are to blame. They didn’ t want to spend money on the proper cleaning of production waste and decided to just throw out toxic liquid near your home. The results were quick to appear, but they turned out to be really unpredictable. Now you need to shoot mosquitoes, kill distraught beavers armed with chainsaws, and stop crocodile zombies. The protagonist of the game is a typical American redneck. He wears old jeans and peacefully drinks beer on the porch of his house. Of course, he has a gun and knows how to hunt. But the creatures that attack his house are not like the usual deer and bears. Can they be destroyed with a hunting rifle and traps? Probably, something more destructive should be involved. Fortunately, you are ready to help the owner of the house. You will be able to guide his actions during the epic battle with the mutants throughout all 300 levels. You will pick up the most effective thing, which will certainly help get rid of uninvited guest, from impressive arsenal of 30 items, At your disposal will be the most destructive weapons – from flamethrowers to nuclear warheads. Yes, some creatures can stop only nuclear weapons. After successful level completion, you will receive points on your account. You can spend it on improving the arsenal. Stylish graphics and a cheerful sound track with elements of country music will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of rural Louisiana. The quick game tempus leaves no time for boredom. Do not be distracted, destroy the monsters, otherwise they will capture a nice village house forever!

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