SWAT&Zombies Season 2 1.2.1

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Download SWAT&Zombies Season 2 for free

The beloved hit game returns with a second installment with more zombies, more action and improved graphics! Find the new features and enjoy this wild ride. You are not given any choice here, because all you have to do is destroy the zombies that are trying to take you down. Be careful, the army of zombies is as strong as ever and it is your duty to protect the last stronghold of humanity.

SWAT&Zombies Season 2

It is not an easy task to take down hordes of zombies, but you have good chances and a lot of weapons to choose from. This perfect combination between a first-person shooter and a game in the style of tower defense will pump up your levels of adrenaline in this exciting adventure. Destroy your enemies with bombs and steadily unlock new weapons, there are more than 50 types of weapons available in this game. You are not alone in your mission, contact your friends and ask them for help.

SWAT&Zombies Season 2

Fight side by side and become twice as strong with their assistance. This game will test your shooting skills and you will have to prove that the sniper rifle can be the deadliest weapon! The new installment offers even more levels with increased difficulty and hordes of new zombies with skates and even dogs. The humanity is at stake here and you are our only hope!