Temple Run 2 1.46.0

download Temple Run 2 1.46.0 for free

Temple run 2 is the second installment in the popular series that has become one of the most downloaded and successful for android devices (the first game of the series was downloaded 170 million times). The second part didn’t undergo any major changes; you basically have the same game with additional features.

Temple Run 2

New features include various obstacles and bonuses and you have to be really attentive for those, as different helpful items may appear. Build your own winning strategies, because now you can use the bonuses whenever you want. All new characters are available in this game. This new feature lets you choose from any of them, each coming with their own skills and abilities. Improved graphics will help you enjoy the second installment even more. If you enjoyed the first game, then this will become your new favorite.

Temple Run 2

The main features include improved and interesting new characters, outstanding landscape textures and a few other nice little touches that are not necessarily visible at the first glance. Temple Run 2 is a really great entertainment where you can spend many hours jumping, sliding and evading the obstacles that our heroes have to overcome in a desperate attempt to escape.