Terraria (FULL) 1.2.12785

download Terraria (FULL) 1.2.12785 for free

Welcome, fellow terrarians! There is the world, which is harsh but ready to give its treasures and there is you – brave explorer, bold enough to get it or die trying (perhaps, hundreds of times). Here you can download Terraria (Full) patched up to the latest version 1.2.11981. This game combines several genres: RPG, Sandbox-Metroidvania and survival. You start with almost empty pockets and with a few of basic instruments. Soon, you will craft a primitive wooden armor, build a shelter and organize your first underworld expeditions. Extract, Explore and Exterminate. After a while, your shelter became house, wood changed to iron (or lead) and you will stack your inventory to its limits. There is a bunch of activities in Terraria: build a rooms for new NPC’s, climb to heavens and floating islands, construct waterfalls of lavafalls, summon a bosses, craft laser swords, stacking your loot to a chests, get to far map angles, die from Dungeon Keeper, fishing and a lot of more. In here, you decide to choose an activity for yourself, for example, casuals like to build a wooden/stone house and search on surface, while true terrarian hardcore players charging right into hell with a guide doll. Soon after you download a game client, we recommend you to visit Terraria Wikia or watch some videos on youtube. You will be pleasantly surprised. Descend into hell and… furthermore. Terraria is a sanbox, still, you can dig up your way to its darkest secrets. None player is ever surprised of hellish biome in lowest map tiles, but terrarians can discover even more dangerous beings. Successful battle with Wall Of Flesh opens a Hard Mod, which gives you an access to the new ores, items and… of course, ways to painful, annoying and stupid deaths. True Terraria starts exactly from here. Game Features: Full and completely functionally game-build; Hardcore sandbox gameplay; Integrated crafting system; Compatible with IOS7 & IOS8+; More than 4000 items; Exclusive content for mobile ver. Explore and customize randomly generated world; Lots of events and invasions; Lots of bosses, quests and challenges, waiting for their conqueror; Fight with creatures of dark corruption or bloody crimson; All features right to PC-version 1.2.4;