Terraria 1.2.12785

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Terraria is an open 2D platform game that was released for a multitude of platforms, such as Windows OC, iOS, Linux and has finally made its way to Android devices on 29th august 2013. This RPG action-adventure is a sandbox indie game, released by an independent game studio Re-Logic. A feature of the game is the ability to investigate the world, craft different objects, assemble objects and battle against a wide variety of living beings that are generated in a random order in this 2D setting. The music and the sounds effects were composed by the Resonance array studio.

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Initially, the game was released on Microsoft Windows on May 16, 2011. The number of copies sold on the first day of the release is estimated at 50,000 copies. A total of 200,000 copies of the game were sold, making it the best-selling game on Steam for a week. Terraria is an open 2D game that is based on examination, construction and battles. The game is made in the style of 2D sprite elements that reminds of 16-bit sprites that could be found on the SNES system. It is well-known for its classic exploratory adventure game style, related to the style of Minecraft games, but it uses different mechanics. The game begins in a randomly generated world; the player is offered a small number of standard utensils: a pickax, a blade for battles and an ax for cutting timber.

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A big number of useful things can be discovered during the exploration of the caverns. Some resources and most items can be found only in specific locations of the game world: they can be found in standard or unusual chests, and also as a drop out after eliminating certain opponents. Players can use the resources to generate original items and gear in the workplace thanks to instructions. For instance, torches can be made without a workbench. To create most of the supplementary items in the Terrarium, you have to go through a number of stages, where an item created with one instruction will be used as a component for another.

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Players will face many different enemies in Terraria. One of the most frequent are slugs and forces of the undead. Various other opponents are a feature available for specific regions. The variety of items, biomes, equipment and enemies is very high – for example, there are more than 140 enemies, and the number of items present in the game exceeds 2000.

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