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Sandbox is a gaming genre that allows players to use their imagination to the fullest. You can make any dreams come true, to embody all your design ideas. Terraria is quite unique in this genre. It’s often compared to Minecraft PE on Android, but Terraria is a standalone game. They simply share the same genre. For instance, Minecraft players have to travel around the 3D cubic world, while Terraria players must explore the 2D world that is, however, no less diverse and fascinating.

Specifications of Terraria on Android

Unlike Minecraft, Terraria players can create their own unique characters. Despite the fact that the main character only consists of a few pixels, it’s possible to choose the color of his skin, the type and color of hair, color of his eyes, clothes, etc. You can also specify the protagonist’s gender.

Next, choose one of 2 options for the game: connect to the pre-made virtual world of Wi-Fi or create your own world. In the second case, you may generate the default sandbox and give it a unique title.

Gameplay of Terraria (FULL)

Terraria is an arcade sandbox where players will have to survive using various tools and extracting useful resources. The game begins with the fact that a player is thrown into a random place on the map and provide 3 basic tools: a sword, pickaxe and axe. A sword obviously serves to protect against diverse inhabitants of the local fauna. A pickaxe is required for successful mining of various minerals, including precious ores. An axe is needed for cutting wood and getting logs for building.

Terraria’s world offers its own life, regardless of the protagonist’s intentions — monsters and other protagonists wander around the location carelessly. Days are replaced with nights — very realistic sandbox with crafting.

The main activity is grinding of various resources. At first, this occupation may seem rather boring, however, more previous resource will require more efforts to mine them. For example, if a stone is located on the surface, diamonds are hidden deep within, where you can meet many dangerous creatures. It’s possible to get lost and die. Also, for more efficient and quick mining, you’ll need a better tool — a pickaxe or an axe. Use your skills, tactics and patience to achieve success.

Terraria is a great game on Android for players of all ages. It offers a huge in-game world with many creatures, biomes, objects and features to explore. You will fall in love with its crafting system and awesome visual style. An irreplaceable sandbox game on Android!

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