The Escapists 1.1.0

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Would you like to feel what it is like to plan a prison escape? Well now you have the opportunity to experience a prison break together with a popular game called The Escapist. You will have to be really focused in order to craft all the things necessary for your escape. Who likes spending time in prison? Certainly, not you! Your mind is your greatest asset when it comes to digging your way out of this dreadful place.

The Escapists for Android

This is a real test for your organizational skills. Use unique items to your advantage or create a diversion to trick the prison security. Lots of different combinations and solutions are available in this game in order to achieve the final goal – to escape from prison. Be careful, as the guards are always alert and are there to put an end to any attempts of an escape. Do not act in a suspicious manner because there are high chances that they will stop you from performing your plans.

The Escapists Apk

Dig a tunnel, or merge with the guards by stealing their uniform, it is up to you to figure out a way to do it. The Escapists features a number of different prisons from around the world from which you have to make your way out. Use your skills and prove once and for all that you are the best when it all comes down to using your head!

You can free download The Escapists 1.1.0 Apk for Android the latest original version available on our mobile portal. Or the full official version on a direct link to Google Play.