The Escapists 1.1.5

The Escapists is a very popular Android game with a very unusual concept — you need to escape the prison. Moldy Toof Studios and Team17 created a really awesome prison break simulator, but also give players complete freedom within this virtual world.

Why should you play The Escapists?

The Escapists offers players to create a smart prison break. You must escape from the most protected prisons in the world. Conditions of detention are gradually changing from worse to unbearable. Protection of this virtual correctional institution is very strict. Before the start of each episode, you choose the name and appearance of your 8-bit hero. Then the newly made protagonist wakes up in the cell in a new prison.

Regardless of the prison’s security level, each institution has a clear order. In the morning, you will find a mandatory order with the count of all prisoners, then breakfast, free time, work, lunch, sports, dinner and evening roll call. When falling asleep, you save the current progress and in case of failure during your next escape, you may easily download the progress from any checkpoint.

Gameplay of The Escapists on Android

You are to keep to the prison’s order to prevent any suspicions. Guards are counting prisoners in the morning and in the evening, conduct searches in cells. You are to hide the prohibited items from guards and snitches, throw them on the yard or drain them into the toilet.

By working, you earn the respect of wardens and money to buy important items, including weapons and uniforms from your prison mates. Running on a treadmill or a hitting a punching bag increases your speed, pushing up or lifting weights makes you stronger.
Physical training improves your health. Watching TV, funny videos with cats online or reading literature increases your intelligence level. Being smart and physically strong, your protagonist will create more and more difficult objects necessary to implement a brilliant escape plan.

However, as strange as it may seem, the simplest solutions are the most effective ways to escape. For example, there is no point in doing errands for someone or buying something from other prisoners. Hard work is also unworthy of your attention. Yes, you can steal a key or a guard’s uniform on the first day, but then it’s a waste of time. The easiest way is to carefully inspect all entrances and exits, protect doors and security guards, become strong and rich to buy guard’s loyalty.

The Escapists allows you to embody virtually every version of the escape you have seen in a movie or read in a book. An absolute gem on Android platform!

You can free download The Escapists 1.1.5 apk for android the latest original version available on our mobile portal. Or the full official version on a direct link to Google Play.

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