The Incorruptibles 1.1.3

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The Incorruptibles is a real-time strategy with the elements of a role-playing game for Android, where you will fight with artificial intelligence and other players for control of mines, mines, industrial objects and much more. You need to build your kingdom, establish trade relations with neighbors and create a powerful army. Fight for territory, destroy opponents and make alliances with players. The game develops in two directions – strategy and role-playing genre, so you will have to get used to the constant change of gameplay. For example, you will need to build buildings, factories, fortifications, all these actions are in the strategy mode, but when you are attacked by an enemy – a role-playing game begins and you will have complete control over the hero and units. Control the player with a finger to select the desired character, then select the opponent. Build a few wheat fields and sow the harvest, then proceed to create barracks. The army is the fastest way to protect yourself from attacking opponents.