The Sims FreePlay 5.37.1

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Would you like to try out the most popular life simulator for android? This game lets you create unique characters and build houses of your desire! Generate completely different characters and dress them up in hundreds of different outfits. Watch them fall in love, marry and give birth to children. It lets you have a perfect life story that lets you experience all stages of life. Have your own comfy house and purchase thousands of decorations. Perform exciting tasks and discover new places in the town. Take care of pets and they will reward you with love and affection. This is the land where you create your own rules and manage your characters however you like.

The Sims FreePlay

This game is a life simulator just like all the other installments in The Sims series of games. It works in a way that items and opportunities open only after the player has reached certain levels of the game, for example: the higher the level – the more unlocked items. It should be noted that all the actions in the game take a while and they progress in real time. All the action of the game is set in a small town called Simtown. Similarly to other installments of The Sims, in this game you can build houses, drive cars, marry characters, have children and take care of them, cook food, go to the toilet and shower, grow trees and plant a garden, alter the weather and also your character has the possibility to grow old and die.

The Sims FreePlay

The characters in the game possess five fundamental needs: communication, leisure, nutrition, hygiene and motion. Characters with satisfied needs are happy, healthy and ready to carry out any of your tasks! In order to perform any action it takes time. You can turn off the game whenever you want, and your character will continue to perform the action you assigned him. The game will notify you when important actions have been completed.