The Sims Mobile

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The Sims 3 now has more freedom and creativity in simulation real life! Start to play this famous game on your mobile phone! Here it is possible to create an unique Sims and control their lives, dreams and personalities. Home decoration depends only on your personal wishes and needs. You can choose even smallest details and accessories in design. Also you can travel together with your Sims in a 3D open-world, explore a lot of interesting and beautiful places around. Traveling is no longer limited in virtual game! As well as meeting with other Sims in the neighborhood is easy now. Download The Sims 3 and start to create an individual character, opportunities in this game are endless! Sims can be any color and body complexion. You can create a family, get a dreamed job an move on a career ladder or be a mysterious painter or charismatic film star! Don’t forget to take care of your Sims all day long. As real humans their need to eat, sleep, use the bathroom, find a job and hobbies, for example, go dance or read a book. Fulfill all wishes and their become happier persons in the world! Will your Sims be friendly, shy or self-confident? Try all possibilities and discover what kind of person your Sims will turn. Maybe he prefers to take care of the house and spend time with children or become a famous singer and give a concert? You can download The Sims 3 for Android in Google Play and take your Sims with you everywhere, because this application don’t need an internet connection to play! The graphics in The Sims 3 are colorful and realistic, so you would have hours of fun playing on your device this popular and amazing game. It is important to unlock specific goals and different wishes, witch would help your Sims to gain his full potentials and activities! If you are interested in new and original items, you can earn “simoleons” to purchase them in online store. Lose yourself in the fascinating 3D virtual word and always take good care of your individual Sims! And don’ t forget to share your success with friends and other online players!