The Wars 2 Evolution. Free 1.2

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The Wars 2 Evolution on Android is a strategy game with building elements. You must build something like an entire civilization, and the path will be very long, it will start from military operations by means of a cudgel, and end with the use of super powerful modern weapons. As you move along the evolutionary ladder, enemy civilizations will continually appear on your way, they also develop, so do not think that some weak rivals will come out against you. From the user is required to systematically devote time to the study of science, the preparation of new varieties of troops, in any case not be not ready to attack the opponent. The Wars 2 Evolution is built by taking into account balancing of all troops without exception: for example, you can prepare a detachment of a large number of savages with sticks and spears in order to try to defeat the enemy. Thanks to every victorious fight in The Wars 2 Evolution, you get money in the form of gold and some bonuses, they can be spent on purchasing new types of units.