Tower Conquest 22.00.35g

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Tower Conquest is a game that will endlessly entertain you with its possibilities. Destroy the towers of your opponents and fight for eternal glory! Constantly upgrade your army and take it to fight in huge battles. Explore different worlds and settings, conquer your enemy territories and gather treasure. Make your way to the top of rankings and prove everybody once and for all who is the strongest player here.

Tower Conquest

There are 5 different fractions with around 70 unique characters, heroes and towers. You will have to demonstrate the full capability of your skills by figuring out strategic moves and achieve certain goals to progress further. There are options for customization of graphics as well as 50 animation scenes for each of 5 fractions. Certain cards have to be picked in order to unlock new skills for your soldiers that will allow them to fight even more efficiently in your honor.

Tower Conquest

Your rewards will increase significantly with the completion of levels. Every day you will get new tasks and rewards, so be sure to check Tower Conquest frequently for great surprises. Thanks to the possibility for controlling 5 armies, you have almost unlimited power when it comes to combining your forces for the ultimate fighting force. Fight other players and share your achievements through social media.