Tractor Driver Cargo 3D 1

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The tractor driving simulator with a trivial title Tractor Driver Cargo 3D for Android boldly plays on the contrasts and offers the diverse mechanics intertwined in a realistic racing process. Players will have to deliver the goods, carefully climb up the tangled mountain serpentines, and then, hiding in the blue waters of the anonymous reservoirs, climb up and down for a long time, to the next competitive stage. The game universe is represented by an extended level, divided into stages of different distances. Visually, you will roam through green plains, bared mountain ridges, oceans disappearing beyond the horizon, cobblestones placed along the way. It is necessary to accomplish, at least, 10 levels. Still there will be hummocks, some bogs and close bridges, thrown between two rocks. In general, any wrong movement can lead to the death of the crew and the loss of valuable cargo, and therefore it is worth to act as discreetly and efficiently as possible. The interface of the Tractor Driver Cargo 3D simulator is developed – 2 convenient navigation buttons, gas and brake buttons, and a pause with settings are displayed.