Traffic Racer 2.5

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The objectives of Traffic Racer consist in going fast and avoid crashing into cars that are passing by, which is not such a simple task. There are 19 real cars in the game, but they go by different names. At the beginning of the game you are given a yellow pick-up truck. The vehicle is not really powerful and this may bother you at first. But if you work hard and save money, you will be able to purchase a more powerful car eventually. The game menu will not present any difficulties to navigate through. The game supports two languages: English and Turkish. The player is given the option to alter the graphic settings of the game.

Traffic Racer

You can choose to ride in four different locations. You can chase in the Suburbs, the Desert, the Snowy land and the Night City. In order to open all the tracks you have to purchase them. The game also has four game modes to select from. These let you race by using one-way traffic and two-way driving as well as driving for your own pleasure without any traffic. There is also time attack. Now all you have to do is choose a map, the mode, and get to the game process. The graphics of the game are quite stunning and the player won’t experience any bugs during the gameplay. In order to collect extra amount of cash during the game you have to drive at a speed higher than 100 km/h. Bonus money will be given if you try and pass cars right on the verge of collision.

Traffic Racer

This can be quite risky, but it is rewarding at the same time. Another component of the game is customization of cars. You can change the color of your “steel horse”, change the wheels or replace the engine, transmission and everything else with newer and more powerful components. The game is great for spending your leisure time with it or if you are completely bored or if you have a long trip by car or train ahead. Also, it should appeal to all lovers of beautiful and powerful cars, fans of races and amateurs. Try to compete with your friend’s records.