Traffic Racer 2.4

download Traffic Racer 2.4 for free

If you like speed and cars, Traffic Racer is for you. Prove yourself as a world-class driver – download Traffic Racer and start incredible adventure. There is nothing like racing trough heavy traffic. It can’ t be done in real life, but Traffic Racer with its 3D graphics brings fantasy to reality. The arcade is available for the most popular mobile platforms – iOS and Android. Hundreds of millions players already downloaded Traffic Racer on their smart phones and tablets. The game’ s main features include; – realistic 3D graphics; – smooth driving; – 30+ amazing cars you can buy, upgrade and customize4. – five extreme location for driving; – five regimes of game you can change in any moment. – competitive rivals all around the world. Speed lovers can rely on Traffic Racer to never get bored. Players can choose among dozens of vehicles, five different locations and five game modes. The can drive in the extreme climate conditions. Switch between desert, rainy city, snow storm, quiet suburbs or dark night. Add heavy traffic and you will get challenge that requires maximum concentration and flash-like reactions. Game modes include; – endless race; – competition with a rival; – race with a limited time; – police chase; – relaxing ride. Complete tasks, earn points, buy and upgrade new amazing cars. The most skilful drivers rise to the first places of world ranking and you can become one of them! Hints for beginners. In Traffic Racer your success depend not only on the type of vehicle, but also on your skills and instincts. – In any game mode you can boost your points count by driving at maximum speed4. – Result can be increased by driving close to other cars on the road. But be careful if you use this tactics: crushes will end the game; – If you have minus on your account, complete a race and you will get much needed money; – Before driving through night city switch color inversion, it will drastically improve visibility. – Take relaxing rides, earn points and buy upgrades for your car before participating in competitive races and challenges.

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