Up a Cave 1.04

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Do you like challenging games with interesting set-ups? Up a Cave is a game that’s going to satisfy your needs. You are controlling a cube and your mission is to take it through all kinds of obstacles. Does this sound like an interesting concept? There are realistic physics involved in the process and the backgrounds are really stunning. The mix of colors and special effects is perfect here. Take your trustful cube through exceptionally challenging caves with a variety of traps and enemies.

Up a Cave

This game can be classified as a physics platformer where you search your way out of a cavern while grabbing gold and diamonds as you progress through the game. Your cube can be upgraded in a variety of ways and this may come handy when you encounter difficulties in certain levels. This will help you get through levels quicker and easier. Up a Cave features intuitive controls that are easy to figure out.

Up a Cave

Take your time playing 30 levels. Buy a new color for your cube with the help of diamonds from the cave. Make it out in time or the Spikey Boss is going to take you down! The traps and obstacles on your way are quite unique and you will have to figure your way around them. You’ll need to focus In order to get through!