Yeah Bunny! 1.49.2

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This is an awesome arcade platformer in the vein of Super Mario. This world is a pixilated adventure for an active bunny. You have an incredible control system that amazes with its accuracy. Your bunny is really easy to control and you will really need this feature to reach all the places and collect all the keys.

Yeah Bunny!

Collecting little keys and carrots is one of your favorite goals in this game, as well as defeating various enemies and meeting unique characters during your journey through different amazing worlds. This retro arcade experience will get you travelling through the kingdom that hides a lot of different obstacles for our hero. Will you join this cute bunny on this incredible journey where you can run, jump and do all sorts of things in this retro 8bit game?

Yeah Bunny!

You are the hero here and this is the world where you are really needed. The game features 9 words, each with their own obstacles to handle. The visual aspect is what distinguishes this platformer from other games. Unlock various achievements and complete your fight with 4 powerful bosses of the game. This straightforward adventure represents the pure joy of the retro games and infinite excitement from the original characters!